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How I transformed the office from Drab to Fab

Once upon a time there was this room that was neglected. It was storing "stuff" in it all year long. You know the room I'm talking about, so many people have one! It used to have a bar in it, but the space was never utilized to the fullest. We decided to transform it into a space that is functional for work and play. It is at the far end of the house and has pocket doors, so it seemed like the best place to get away. It's also off of the dining room so it now also became a place to relax after dinner with friends and family. The inspiration for this space was to be dark, swanky, masculine, and showcased something different from the rest of the home. It looks like a jewel box when you look in. Blue walls, lucite, brass and needlepoint brought this room together. I will show you a few shots of the newly transformed space, including a before photo at the end! I hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by.

The before...

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